Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Party Girl

A couple of weeks ago Caitlin got her first glimpse of the party girl lifestyle. We managed to fit in two birthday parties in one day. I've already shared her "Say Cheese" moment from the second party, but I just noticed I hadn't blogged about Rylee's Birthday Bash (also known as party #1).

I do not have many pictures from the party...or rather I have an odd assortment of pictures from the party. I've enjoyed reading Shannon's recaps though....the decorations....the guests....the food. (Caitlin had just woken up from a 45 minute nap and looks a little grumpy in her photo!) They had every detail well thought out and even sent us home with a CD to play at home with "Rylee's 2nd Birthday Party Mix."

When I saw the cute Minnie Mouse invite I knew Caitlin would have a great time. It was a pool party and that kid loves the water. We spent a fair bit of time in the big pool with the others. Even in the baby pool we spent a fair bit of time with James and his mommy. Based on my pictures you wouldn't think so, but you will have to take my word for it. ; )

Rylee may only be two, but she had her first party crasher. This parrot showed up a little early for the party and hung out on the porch until it was over. Shannon decided to call him Fiesta to match the Minnie Mouse theme.

Little Miss enjoyed her first taste of chicken nuggets and hot dog. She ate everything I gave her...and then some! All the other kids had finished eating and were ready to move onto presents but Miss Caitlin was still looking for more. That kid can eat!

Before we left I attempted to get a picture of Caitlin with Rylee.  The key word here is "attempted."

I did manage to snap a quick shot of the birthday girl though! We had a wonderful time and are so happy to have had a chance to share in Rylee's special day!

I'm sure we'll be meeting up soon!

(Especially because we left a pair of shoes and Caitlin's ducky-robe at the party...Oops!)

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Agate Lake Girl said...

This is weird. I commented on this post a few days ago. It published. Today Rylee wanted to look at photos of Caitlin so when we were scrolling down, I noticed that it said 0 comments. What happened to my comment? Did you ever get it? I hope you're getting my other comments! :)

P.S. I wrote something like: Glad you two had fun at the party. Leaving stuff behind is a great motivator for us to get together again soon!