Thursday, August 6, 2009

Disney: The Food

About a month ago a friend of mine commented on Facebook that she could tell I was pregnant because all of my status updates had to do with food. She may be on to something!
Before our trip to Disney I researched places to eat. My idea was that if we were going to spend good money to eat, we might as well eat in places that we liked! We made three reservations and were happy with two out of the three. The one we didn't like really irritated me, we we won't go into that...)
So, first up is Chefs De France in Epcot. We happened upon lunch here two years ago on a trip with the girls for my mom's birthday. The set lunch is fabulous. (Dinner not as my opinion!) I have gone a couple of times since. It is only heavenly. My expectations this trip were high. I looked forward to it for days. The Onion Soup, the Croque Monsieur, the Creme Brulee...I can just about taste it now!

The best part? The place was even better than I remembered it! They had added to the set menu. (The Irishman loved his Quiche Lorraine.) As we were eating we saw a waiter come around with a cart. He seemed to capture everyone's attention. As he got closer we could see that he had none other than Ratatouille himself. They went from table to table humming and singing and interacting with the diners. It was most impressive!

Our favorite dinner was at 'Ohana at the Polynesian Resort. This one was new for both of us, but anyone who we talked to recommended it highly. Our biggest regret was that we didn't have the camera with us! (Cell phones to the rescue...) We had a view of the castle from our seats. It was impressive!

Now, those who know the Irishman know that he takes his meat seriously. Unlimited skewers of steak, turkey, pork, and shrimp? He was LOVING it! The woman doing the Hawaiian entertainment gave us leis to celebrate our anniversary. (I got for me and one for the baby) The bread pudding was amazing! We saved the special anniversary cupcake for breakfast the next morning. (Because what is better than cake for breakfast?)

And on that note, I am going to fix myself lunch. I am happy to report that this morning I finally emptied my Google Reader Unread Items. (Impressive considering I started the day over 200!) I have started downloading pictures from last week's renovations. One of our neighbors came last night to help Morgan remove the desk left in the guest bathroom. It is slowly coming together. Next up: I have an organizing date with my craft boxes.

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