Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Lovin'

Happened so fast! As I sit here at the end of my summer vacation...I wonder where it has all gone to! I have really enjoyed the last couple of weeks. Here are the highlights:

The camp director at the summer camp where I met the Irishman is retiring this year after 19 years. We are considered "old timers" and we went back for the last night of camp to join in the tribute to Sue. Being Sue though, the festivities are just beginning! (For those of you who may have been at our wedding, Sue was the one who "sang" so memorably. )

Our friend Plunkett has flown in from Ireland and is staying with us for the week. We have our kelly green outfits ready to wear for this weekend! (Sue loves all things Irish and the invites to her retirement party request everyone to wear green...)

Morgan's brother, Robert is also in town. I have used the fact that there are three Irishmen at the house to my advantage. Last night we went to GB's house to pick up the painted nursery furniture. (I'd have pictures but one of the Irishmen is still asleep in that room...)

I've also had people to cook for! I have been in a baking mood, and they have been all too willing to eat my carrot cake cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies!

Other Good News:
  • As I was typing this I had a slight panic. When I took my glucose test on Monday the doctor said no news was good news, and if there was a problem they would call me at the end of the week. My phone just rang and it was the doctor's office...telling me my results were normal. Thank goodness!
  • My mom is coming to visit! She had already booked a flight for November after the baby is born, but called this week to say she is also coming in September! I am SUPER excited about this!
  • The baby got the hiccups this morning. I guess that isn't quite as exciting as my mom coming, but it is still something! (She is kicking now to confirm that...)
  • I originally had plans for the last couple of days, but computer problems at the testing center canceled my ESOL test and my meeting for today got canceled. So I have been enjoying water aerobics and being lazy. (A bit like the picture of Rafa here...Moses doesn't like to pose for pictures...but Rafa follows me around the house like a dog...)
I am meeting my husband for lunch today...because I can. All in all it has been a great summer! (And it will seem even better next week when I am reporting to school at 7:30am!)

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P.S. Please ignore both the spacing on the bottom portion of this post. It is driving me crazy, but I am giving up on it!
P.P.S. While we are at it, please ignore the fact that my stairs need to be vacuumed. I broke the vacuum last week and am waiting for my big birthday in September when I certain Irishman has promised me the gift I really want...which sadly will help me vacuum my stairs!


ninni said...

how Y can be Irish by Marriage?!

Lindsay said...

You look so cute pregnant, Jenny! Enjoy the last three months!

Leslie said...

You have the cutest baby bump ever, Jenny!! Enjoy your last few days of summer "laziness". You'll never have it again!!

Kellie said...

I'm glad you've had such a great summer! I have to say, I'm excited for school to start here and see how my middle kid does in preschool!

Agate Lake Girl said...

You asked for a house elf? Cool!

Basham said...

Super cute pictures and yummy cupcakes! I hope you enjoyed the last few days of your summer break!

MN Mom said...

So happy your mom is coming to share in this joy! Have fun!