Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nursery Conversion

It is a quiet Sunday morning. The Irishman and his brother are both fast asleep. It looks like we will be going to late Mass today. I have finally gotten around to uploading pictures from last week's home improvement adventures. We are still putting things back together and have a ways to go before the nursery is baby-ready, but we are getting there!

I had to break the update into two parts. (Too many pictures for one post.) This one focuses on the upstairs guest room to nursery conversion. In order to get to this point there was the wet bar to computer desk conversion, but that is another story...

I was sent to get paint as my dad started to remove fixtures and outlet covers. As he did so the paint started peeling off the walls. Our townhouse is a year older than I am. It was a LOT of paint. If you look close in the pictures it looks like wallpaper peeling off the walls but it is all just layers and layers of paint. (I mentioned the unique colors we found in a previous post.) This discovery set back the painting process by about a day and a half. And oh, the DUST!!!

Did I mention the patching and sanding? Or the DUST??? What should have been a nice easy painting job turned into a fiasco. But at last our white textured walls are now an untextured semi-gloss green..."quaking grass" to be exact. (The daybed has blue sheets on it because we have a couple of Irish guys coming to visit this week. I am still looking for a new daybed cover for the nursery to match my crib fabric!)

The furniture is still at my grandparents' house. We are counting on our strong Irish guests helping us bring it back home. We painted the changing table we got off Craig's List and the dresser I had from when I was a kid. I am curious to see how the paint looks in the room. (The lighting in Grandpa's garage at night is not the best!) I've also picked drawer pulls...silver and white. I think it will be nice!

After we vacuumed and dusted the nursery, the Irishman decided to temporarily come out of DIY retirement and put together the crib. All it is missing is the mattress and the lovely bedding my mom is going to make for us. (Oh, and I guess the baby!)

It is all a work in progress, but we are getting there!

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MN Mom said...

Oh looks fun! I hear you and Shannon went to register yesterday. Isn't that mind-boggling? Enjoy the journey.

Agate Lake Girl said...

It's starting to come together now!