Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting There

Going back to school I have had the same questions over and over again...I am just about ready to wear a sign with the phrases I have been repeating over and over again.

I'm due Nov. 7th.
It's a girl.
Yes, we are excited.
The nursery is getting there.
I can't complain. I'm feeling okay.

(I know people are being nice...but I am back to getting up at 5:45 for work and am tired and cranky!) My least favorite question is the "How are you feeling?" How do you answer that? My feet are swollen, a pinched nerve in my left foot causes it to flop when I walk, and I am so tired I could take a nap here and now. I can't complain. I'm doing okay.

The best was the coworker who saw me for the first time today and just found out I am pregnant. Even better yet? I parked right next to her car yesterday walking into the building.

My classroom is slowly coming together. I have a student teacher assigned to work with me this semester, so I have really enjoyed having an extra pair of hands to help. The school day is proving to be LONG...and that is without kids yet. Not to mention the fact that we've gone from eight planning periods a week to six. Still not sure how they snuck that one in on us!

I have some pictures to post from Sue's retirement party this weekend. I'll get to it at some point. Morgan's brother heads back across the pond tomorrow so he is treating us to dinner tonight. There was debate over where to go, so I picked up cheesecake for desert on my way home from work so it looks like we will be having Italian.

I am missing morning water aerobics. It was stormy on Monday night so that class was canceled too. Thankfully the weather seems to be okay so I am off to the Y for class. We'll see how that goes after a day at work...


Agate Lake Girl said...

If we're complaining about school... well check out my post... but 4 day rotation in the am and 3 in the pm... what the heck is that!

Brittany Ann said...

Good luck going back! Hopefully you don't have to repeat your "mantras" too much!

Heather said...

Just make sure that you keep the school busybody caught up on all the details, and you'll only have to say things once ;)
Interesting that you have so many planning periods. We only had 3 planning periods a week where I taught.

MN Mom said...

I ejoyed the update I will refer back to it when I forget when you are due. And I am partical to little girls! So I will ask how is Morgan holding up? Are his feet swollen? Has he gained weight? Does he have heartburn? If not he will soon. Dad's usually get sympathetic symptoms.
Do you have a name picked out? (I like to embroider names on gifts.)

Leslie said...

Don't you love those questions? It was even better with twins--my favorite, "Are you sure there are 2 in there?" YES I AM SURE! I've see them every 2-3 weeks on ultrasound, thank you very much! Have you had strangers give you advice? That's always nice, too!