Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sprint Sweetened the Deal

Resolution to the phone saga...

Yesterday I got tired of the phone conversation and challenged Morgan not to say the word iPhone until 4:00pm. He responded as a child would by repeating the word Instinct.

We met our good friend Dawn at PF Chang's for lunch before heading to a "Sip and See" gathering for Lyndsay and Dave's twins. We were just getting onto I-95 when Morgan decided to call Sprint with a few questions. We got to the restaurant, were seated, and ordered before he got off the phone.

It seems that Sprint did not want to lose our business when they heard we might become iPhone converts. They were waiving fees left and right. When Morgan said he wanted to speak to his wife before making a decision, the representative asked him what he needed to talk to his wife about. He finally convinced her to call back later. Morgan cannot pass up a bargain though. We stopped by the Sprint store to play with the phone on the way home from Mass and our minds were made up.

The Sprint plan is a better plan for the same price. It has 1500 minutes (AT&T was only 700 minutes) and nights and weekends start at 7pm (AT&T was 9pm). This plan also includes unlimited text, picture, and video messaging. (With AT&T we would have to purchase a separate text plan for messaging) My mom & several others we frequently call are also on Sprint, so we save with Sprint to Sprint minutes.

He just got off the phone. They have given us a 10% monthly discount on our bill. We already get a 5% discount because we are USAA members. They also gave us an additional discount on the phones. The phones will take about 2 weeks to arrive, but the discounts sold us.

The phone has a camera and records video. The GPS feature allows you to push a button to find the cheapest gas from your current location or the nearest restaurants, etc. There are live TV channels and other "on-demand" entertainment options. The plan we have allows us to play with all these features. Compared with our current phones, there are lots of bells and whistles!

It is not the iPhone, but I think it was the best choice. The phones should arrive when we get back from vacation, so we will have something to look forward to!

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Mememememeeeee said...

I'm a USAA member too! But I don't think we get a discount for it! I'll have to check into that. I might call too and threaten to change providers. Sounds like a good idea!