Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wal-Mart Woes

I am not happy with Walmart today. For our anniversary, my mom got us the yogurt maker I'd asked for. Sad I know, but I keep reading about how great homemade yogurt is and I really want to try it! Morgan couldn't think of anything better to ask for so a yogurt maker was what we got!

I have really been looking forward to this, so on the way home from the movie (Morgan has taken his summer vacation so we went to see Hancock today) we stopped at Publix. I bought milk, berries, and other goodies to mix in with my homemade yogurt goodness.

After Publix we stopped at Walmart. As our joint anniversary gift to ourselves, we are going to replace our digital camera. We shopped around yesterday and couldn't decide. After looking at Consumer Reports and numerous online reviews, I chose the one I want. I found it on for $185 and was happy enough. We were thrilled to see that they had it at our crummy little Walmart down the street.

(Side note - this is by far the WORST Walmart I have ever been to in my entire life. The combination of bad staff and obnoxious elderly New Yorkers is unbearable.)

Anyway, my excitement quickly faded when I discovered that the same camera advertised for $185 online is actually $199 in the store. We found the small print on the website that says the prices may not be the same in the store. If we order it online we will not have it in time for the cruise. I am not happy.

After further research, we cannot find the camera anywhere else. My mom and grandmother have both said to just pay the difference. I likely will tomorrow...but I do not have to be happy about it!

To add insult to injury, I started to unpack my new yogurt maker and discovered that the plastic lid is broken. No fresh homemade yogurt for me in the morning. No, I get to return it to and wait for them to send me a new one. Which means after my vacation. Not a happy camper.

After all this I was getting a headache, so I decided to through caution to the wind. Morgan and I went to Target (because we are currently not happy with Walmart and it seemed the right thing to do) and then stopped off at Dairy Queen. I am getting a headache anyway so I got the Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mint Blizzard they have been advertising recently. It reminded me of the homemade Thin Mint ice cream we made growing up, yum! Morgan and I are going to watch My Boys before calling it a night.


Mememememeeeee said...

Sorry, I put that comment under my other blog. Anyhoo...

Let me just tell you. I. Hate. Walmart. I have always had an umpleasant experience there. I'd rather spend the extra money and go to HEB.

libbyferg said...

Happy Anniverisy!

Shannon said...

I had the Thin Mint Blizzard also recently, loved it.

I'm surprised you can find any Wal-Mart's in FL you like. The ones I go to are always like what you described. (In MN they are awesome.)