Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ready for vacation

Morgan is enthralled. Padraig Harrington is currently tied for the lead in the British Open. Yesterday our friend Padraig came back from behind while we were out running errands. Morgan was quick to point out that if we had our new phones he could have watched it live. They should be here when we get back from vacation, but that doesn't help us today. Morgan will not be leaving the house until the golf is over for the day. (Thank goodness for the time difference!)

Yesterday we both got our hair cut and we bought the new camera. We are having battery issues (a certain Irishman said we didn't need a new recharger but he was mistaken!) so it looks like the first peak at both will be the pictures from our cruise! We have been running errands and getting things together for the trip. Morgan bought the much pined for pair of Clark sandals and (even though he swore he would never get them) a pair of Crocs. Not just any Crocs, leather Crocs. He tried to tell me that they were SO comfortable that I needed a pair. I told him my flip flops would do! I have to admit they do suit him.

My sister-in-law Christina arrived last night. Her sister June arrives tomorrow after we leave. They are in town for a few weeks. They will enjoy the sunny Florida weather while we are gone. (It means we have built in cat sitters!) I also have someone to see Mamma Mia with when we get back from the cruise!

Speaking of, we leave tomorrow for our cruise. We are going to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Honduras, and Belize. We are most excited. We relaxed so much the last time we went and are looking forward catching up on sleep, good food, and great beaches.

Padraig just dropped one - he is now tied for 4th. I am going to run to Walmart to return the yogurt maker/pick up a battery charger, the post office to mail a Paperback Swap book, and the library to finally turn a few books I have rechecked twice already. I'd better go before the Irishman thinks of anything else!

Side note: We do not know Padraig Harrington personally, but if you listen to Morgan talk you would think that we do.

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