Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miami Half Marathon

The Irishman has wanted to run in a big race for as long as I’ve known him. Just before Father’s Day he signed up to run the Miami Half Marathon. His training took a hit this fall when he was sick, but he made it.

Sunday was the big day. I knew he had visions of crossing the finish line and falling into the arms of his waiting family. I loved that image, but I had visions crazy crowds of 25,000 runners and cranky kids running in opposite directions while I helplessly chased them. We decided a few weeks ago that he would drive down to Miami for the race by himself.

At 9:30 the night before I changed my mind. I stayed up for another hour and a half packing Mary Poppins style bags. Snacks? Drinks? Balls? Change of clothes? Diapers? Wipes? Trash bags? Bubbles? Sun shade? Jackets? Stickers? I packed anything and everything I could think of packing!

We left the house at 3:45am. Parking was crazy. There were people EVERYWHERE!


The Irishman gave hugs, kisses, and fist bumps before heading off.


Thankfully we met Mia, Max, and their dad. Their mommy was running the race, too. They were looking for a playground. I was happy to follow along. I said a silent prayer when I saw that the playground was contained in a gate. They could run in opposite directions without me having a panic attack. I said a prayer of thanks when I saw it!


Honestly they had a blast.


They played with their new friends and didn’t want to leave when it was time to watch Daddy finish the race.


The Irishman didn’t see us cheering for him, but I saw him run. I’m not sure the kids did, but they saw me acting like a crazy woman cheering for Daddy, so they got the idea! Once we found him we headed back to the playground. Sean took a nap instead.

This statue was a hit. Caitlin wanted to ride the dolphin. She even agreed to use the yucky port-a-potty in order to talk me into lifting her up onto it. That is pretty major!

We don’t typically go to Miami….ever. It was lovely though. I was scared of how the day would go, but everything fell into place.

We are so proud of Daddy! He ran the whole race and reached his goal.
“When I am grown up, I going to run in a race like Daddy.”
- Caitlin, age 3

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