Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Morning

This is one of those posts that is mostly for the family. I actually get stressed out with so many photos at once. I decided in the end that I was going to just make collages with the photos. We have so many family members from far away. I didn’t get all the gifts, but I figured those giving them might enjoy seeing them in the pictures.

Santa’s workshop was open until about 2am or so. Santa leaves his presents for us in the Santa sacks. We put the virtual fire on the TV for the Irishman, though it is not quite the same!


We came down the stairs in the dark and Caitlin was convinced that there was nothing new to see. Once we turned on the light she was thrilled to see her bike and all the other goodies under the tree.


I LOVE this photo. Sean was as impressed with the Sesame Street wrapping paper. There is a story about the Irishman ripping Muppets wall paper off the wall. The fact that Sean stopped everything after ripping off a piece of paper reminded me of the story and made me smile.


Caitlin was thrilled with everything. She was a gift opening machine!


Sean alternated between opening gifts and drinking his milk.


Once the gifts were open it was time to try it all out. Shoes, hats, toys…


Sean was happy to explore the rocking chair, tree, and anything else he could get into!


Once all her gifts were open Caitlin started to help us with ours. She dumped my Santa sack upside down to empty it. Silly girl!


We were all thrilled with all the goodies. There was a mountain of paper and boxes left behind.


Special times!


It wasn’t long before we were outside trying out the bikes. But that is another post…

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