Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Little Flower Picker

Our sweet Sean is 6 months old today. I am actually going to take his picture today…unlike 5 months. You would think we would remember on January 1, but that would be giving us too much credit. Anyway, I thought I would write about some of Caitlin’s latest tricks and funnies being as Sean gets his day tomorrow. (I hope!)


Caitlin loves to sing and she is getting to the point where you can actually make out the words. I took her to Publix with me last weekend and in the middle of the dairy department she began to belt out the words to Barney’s I Love You Song. She gave me an overly dramatic hug and “kiss from me to you” when she song called for it. It was enough that the elderly ladies shopping nearby actually applauded. I love that kid!


My mom always says that I would repeat myself over and over again as a toddler. I wasn’t happy until they repeated back to me what it was I was saying. (Checking for comprehension at an early age. A teacher in the making, huh?) My daughter does exactly the same thing. Heaven help you if you can’t make out what she is saying. There is no way out. I frequently get, “No, Mommy!” before she starts repeating it all over again for me.

She is also starting to parrot things that she hears. It is a matter of time before this one gets us in trouble. You should hear her call the hogs, though!


Caitlin loved Christmas. She (like her father) has tried to hold onto Jingle Bells and “Barney Christmas” as long as possible. Her absolute favorite though? Silent Night. For her first Christmas, the Irishman bought a Silent Night book for his little girl. He wrote a super-sweet note for her inside.
Caitlin LOVES this book. She looks at the pictures and points out Mary, Baby Jesus, sheep, and the kitty cat. When it is out of her sight she goes looking for it. She gets so excited when she gets to shout, “FOUND IT! FOUND SILENT NIGHT!” The other night she insisted that she sleep with the book.

She also loves when the Irishman sings it to her. It is their song.


The other night Caitlin discovered her reflection in the sliding glass door. She enjoyed chatting and giggling with the Caitlin in the ‘mirror’ for about 20 minutes or so while we made dinner. It made me smile to listen to her call the “other” Caitlin pretty.


Stickers are magic. Sunglasses must be worn upside down. Flowers are for picking and smelling. Tickles make for great giggles. A helmet must be worn to ride your bike to “say hi to cars.” Old MacDonald had a very noisy farm. Manners dictate that you must say good bye to everyone…and everything. “Bye flowers! See you soon!” Thank you is good, but “Thank you, Sweetie” is even better from the mouth of my two-year-old.


When we brought out the high chair for Sean, Caitlin was thrilled. She did not remember it at all, but she loves the “new chair.” It is funny that just 6 months ago or so the thing was dead to her. Now she thinks it is the best thing ever. It also seems that all high chairs are now “new chairs.”

As much as she loves the high chair, she loves helping with Sean even more. She loves to take turns spoon feeding him. In the car she has made it her job to update me on Sean’s status. “Sean sleep!” “Sean awake!”


She really is something special!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

I love those sweet toddler tidbits. They keep you going as a Mom. :)