Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ooh La La!

Caitlin had a slow start in the hair department. Our little girl was a baldy for quite a while. Recently though it has filled in a lot and the kid has beautiful blond highlights.

She is also 2. She loves to shake her hair and feel her hair shake. Anytime I try to play with her hair it last for about thirty seconds. My previous record was 2 minutes. Then I got creative.

Sunday after Mass I was as determined as she was to do something with her hair. I was patient and tried my hardest not to make her say, “ouch” and ruin any future opportunities to play with her hair. I braided as she played. I braided as she walked around the house. I braided as she raided the fridge. 


The end result? French pigtail braids. I’m now thankful I had a squirmy little sister to practice on growing up. (Hi Julie!)


Daddy and Sean were “watching” soccer,


so Caitlin and I had time to play hair and bake cookies.


It lasted about an hour.


I wanted something that would be out of the face but not so easy to pull out.


In the end, she did manage to take the braid out with little to no effort,


but it was fun while it lasted.


Braid or not though,


she is one beautiful girl!


Julie Elizabeth said...

I'm glad you were nicer to her than you were to me! I just remember not being able to close my eyes when you did my hair! *grin*

Michelle said...

Great job, Mommy! Her hair is and looks beautiful! Ava is also at the stage where she likes to shake her hair and run her hands through it. She has very little patience for me playing with it, but she does like to pick out a barette every morning to put in it and keep it out of her eyes.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Beautiful! I wish Rylee would let me do something with her hair. She looks like such a ragamuffin with it down. Pigtails are my favorite, but I'd settle for anything.