Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Berry Good Times

The last couple of weekends we have taken advantage of the nice weather and headed to our local u-pick strawberry patch. Caitlin got right into the fun.


She insists on holding two buckets. Thankfully she stops picking when the buckets get, “TOO heavy!” Sean on the other hand is happy to walk around enjoying the view.




Before we had kids we had a hard time getting there early enough in the day to get the best berries. Now that we have human alarm clocks that is not an issue!


Every time we go we find something new here. Donkeys, tropical birds, a choo choo train, old cards, yard toys - you name it, it is there! Caitlin loves it!


There really is a little bit of everything!


I love that face! He is such a happy little guy!


Caitlin and I also picked some fresh green beans for dinner. Yummy!


On our first trip we each got an ice cream cone from the old fashioned country store. This trip I told Caitlin when we left the house that we were going to get strawberries and bread. She didn’t mind at all when we bypassed the ice cream counter and headed to the bakery next door for rolls and a fresh loaf of bread. It was lovely!


I have a feeling this is going to be a regular stop for us until the weather warms up again!


Anonymous said...

that looks like sooo much fun..I want to go with ya'll sometime :)GB

Michelle said...

That looks like great fun! We are planning on going to our favorite pumpkin/strawberry patch next month. Ava Loves strawberries so I think she will be in heaven.