Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best of intentions

Let me start by saying that I am typing this on my phone from the closet at school where I hide to pump during my planning period. Please excuse any auto correct errors. You know how that goes...

We took Sean's 6 month photo last night, but it is still in the camera. Yesterday was a rough day, so I took it out on the kitchen. In a rare move, I spent about two hours last night cleaning. Now I wouldn't say it is clean...we are still trying to clean enough for the cleaning lady to start next week, but I hot a lot done. The paint spots under the kitchen table from last weekend are gone. The towels are washed. The counters are not quite as over run with debris from the week.

Last night both kids slept through the night. Before I went back to work this was not an odd event. Now I can't remember the last time it happened. Sean is back in our room. He had a cold and wasn't sleeping well so I thought it best.

While they slept until 6 without waking, my phone turned itself off in the middle of the night. I woke up just before 6 and realized that it never went off at 5:15.  This is the third time this week I've over slept but the first time it was due to alarm error. Thankfully I had lunches made and clothes ironed so it wasn't too big a deal in the end. I had a 7:30 parent conference and I actually made it on time.

I guess there isn't much point to this. I feel bad for not posting Sean's 6 month photos today like I'd planned. I had the best of unitentions, but I didn't even sit down at the computer yesterday. Oh, well!

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