Monday, February 6, 2012

6 Months

Our precious little guy is six months old. Sean is the happiest, sweetest, most easy-going little boy you will ever meet.


I don’t have his stats yet because I am waiting until he finishes his antibiotics to schedule his 6 month appointment. He is a big boy though. He has been wearing size three diapers for quite a while now and is just starting to wear his 12 month clothes.


We started solid foods a couple of weeks ago. He doesn’t mind it too much, but he hasn’t found anything yet that strikes his fancy. He had been sleeping through the night comfortably for months, but this cold he is recovering from put a hiccup in our sleep routine. He’s getting back to “normal” though.


Sean recently decided that Caitlin is the funniest thing he’s ever seen. His face lights up when she is around, His sister doesn’t seem to mind having him around either!


(A picture of Caitlin for comparison sake!)


Sean truly is a blessing to us. I tell him all the time that our lives are even better because he joined our family!

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Michelle said...

Sean looks like a precious good natured baby. Love the sweet smiles and laughs!