Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things That Make You Go Moo

Last weekend we headed to the fair. We’d tried to prep Caitlin about where we were going and the things we’d expect to see there. The one thing she was most excited about was the cows. She told us the whole way there that we were going to see the moo cows. She told Grammy she couldn’t talk on the phone because she was going to see the moo cows.


Thankfully the cows did not disappoint. One of the first places we found was the Moo-ternity tent. We saw newborn calves. They were perfect black and white, toddler picture book-looking moo cows.


Caitlin got to milk the pretend cow.


One of my friends at work jokes that I am heading to “the farm” when I visit the little closet where I hide away with my breast pump a couple of times each school day. I’ve been known to send a note to her with just, “Moo” written on it in the odd case that I am suddenly without anyone to cover my class when it is time to pump.

Before we left Sean was starving so I sat on a bench in the moo-ternity tent nursing my second born. It seemed more than a little ironic.


There were many highlights from the fair, but Caitlin is still talking about getting to pet the baby moo cow.


I can’t blame her – the whole thing was pretty neat!

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Elaine A. said...

Check her out milking the "cow" - too fun!