Friday, January 13, 2012


Yesterday I got home from work 12 hours after I left. We had a curriculum fair at school for the parents. It is one of those things that is not required, but I would have been the only teacher in the elementary school not there. I picked up the kids in the afternoon and brought them back to school with me so the Irishman could pick them up from there. He managed dinner time and bed time on his own. Considering the state Caitlin left school in (i.e. screaming) it was quite a feat!

It was a hard day. I am finding that by Thursday/Friday of each week I’m working I have a horrible headache. I am pretty sure it is the lack of sleep and stress catching up with me. The other night I put Sean to bed at 1:30 after his dream feed. I cringed when I set my alarm for 4 hours later. I wanted to cry when Caitlin woke up 2 hours later.

Caitlin has decided she doesn’t want to sleep. I would usually be just say tough and let her cry it out, but by this point Sean is already asleep. I haven’t figured out how to stand firm on her going to bed without waking her brother. It is really frustrating.

Last night I slept through the alarm I set myself to get up for Sean’s dream feed. He woke up at 4:30 this morning hungry. As soon as I got him back to sleep Caitlin woke up and refused to go back to bed. She was watching Sesame Street and eating Cheez its on the couch before 6am. I’m too tired to fight it.

In a funny way though, I got 6 hours of sleep and got to take a shower today, so it is a better start than some other mornings this week. Some days I feel like we are getting the hang of things. Others I feel like we are struggling to keep our heads above the water. We are out of milk and cat food. The computer mouse isn’t working right and making me crazy. At least we have diapers…

Thank goodness for a long weekend!
I am pumping at the computer and Caitlin has just come up to me with a pile of books to read. I needed that! It is night to know that I can still compete with Mickey Mouse! TGIF!


Edited to add: The Irishman is watching both kids again tonight so that I can go out with some girlfriends. I am lucky to have such a wonderful guy! It is a crazy life we live right now, but we are blessed to have each other to work through it together!


Agate Lake Girl said...

It sounds like you need the night out! See you later-

Michelle said...

Saying extra prayers and sending invisible hugs for you! Remeber, even if you only feel like you are barely keeping your head above water, you are doing a great job and you are an amazing mother!

Also, it's my guess that Caitlin doesn't want to sleep because she is missing you and needing some extra time with you. In her mind Sean gets extra attention at night when others are sleeping so she is doing the same. Just a guess....

sheri said...

Very insightful, michelle! And we are going through the same, but opposite. Cry-it-out is all I know, but Lia's cries - if ignored - wake and upset Daniel. Between being a new working mom and this erratic sleep schedule, I feel like we're barely hanging on. Hang in there, Jenny. We'll get through this one way or the other.