Friday, January 27, 2012

More Fair Fun

While they had big tents with the farm animals set up at the fair, they also had an area set up like an old Florida town. Caitlin was immediately drawn to the animals!



Caitlin loved that the roosters and chickens made the noises she expected them to make. She could easily make out the Cock-a-doodle-doo and was SO impressed by that!


It was super crowded. Trying to convince Caitlin to stay with us and do what we wanted to do was a tad bit difficult at time, but that’s okay. We kept hearing calls on the loudspeaker for lost children. It is easy to see how it could happen in someplace so bustling!


Thankfully the kids sat in the stroller quietly watching a singing pig while the Irishman stood in line for dinner. Pork Parfait anyone?


While I was nursing Sean in the moo-ternity tent, the Irishman bought his little girl bread to feed to chickens.


She was far too scared to go close enough to actually feed the animals, but she had no problem telling her father where to deliver the bread! I love that Caitlin is old enough to tell us what she did. She talked about “baby cows” “Chicken, bread”


and, “Cay, Cay soap!”

Before she emptied an entire hand sanitizer dispenser. It was late. She was cranky. We were too tired to argue. At least it was some good, clean fun!


I can’t help but wonder what it will be like next year once this little fella is chasing around after his sister!

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