Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Santa PJs

I had visions of the kids wearing matching PJs on Christmas morning. I figured that they would wear the ones we wore for our family photos. It was warm, so I even turned down the AC so that we would be comfy in our finest Christmas PJs.

Caitlin wanted nothing to do with her red and white striped PJs. so I talked her into her Minnie Mouse PJs. (Thought they are actually just pink flannel with white polka dots. There is no Minnie Mouse on them, but they look like something that Caitlin’s favorite mouse might wear, so she likes them.)

As I opened the packages from our families to wrap those gifts on Christmas Eve I found a pair of Santa PJs Nana bought for Caitlin that almost perfectly match the Santa PJs that Grammy got from Sean. They were bought on opposite sides of the pond, but you wouldn’t know it!

Caitlin wouldn’t wear them on Christmas morning, but a couple of nights later she cooperated.


Getting her to pose for a picture was another story. She takes a little while to get going in the morning!










They bring a smile to my face!


And just in case you were wondering, you did not miss the pictures from Christmas morning. We are back to work and school today, so I needed something a little quicker and easier. We were up WAY too late last night getting ready for the week ahead. I know I went back for a week before winter break, but I knew I only had a week and the person who covered my maternity leave was there to help me transition. In a way, I feel like today is my first “real” day back. Sigh.

Is it Friday yet?

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