Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When Caitlin met Sean

Last week when visiting the Birth Pavilion at the local hospital, we learned that children under the age of 12 were not allowed to visit any of the patients. We were so disappointed as we had been looking forward to being able to bring Caitlin into the hospital to visit her Mommy and her new baby brother.
About 20 minutes before going in to have Baby Sean delivered, we learned that the under 12 rule did not count for family members. As I am sure you could imagine, we were thrilled.

Today, Caitlin met her brother Sean for the very first time. It proved to be a really hard day for Caitlin.

The plan started out well, with Sean having a “Cookie monster” for Caitlin and Caitlin bringing an “Elmo” balloon into the hospital for Sean.


While Caitlin and I travelled to the hospital, we talked about how we would give mommy and the new baby a kiss. Every time I mentioned this to her , Caitlin would proceed to blow a couple of kisses.

Caitlin walked in the door of the room holding a bunch of flowers and her balloon, and rather than being excited about seeing her Mommy, the tears started to flow. She never outwardly cried, but the eyes welled up, the lip went out and the tears streamed down her cheeks.


As the tears continued to roll, Caitlin managed to give her Mommy a kiss


And she soon followed this up with a kiss for Sean.


All agreed that it would be a good idea for Caitlin to spend a little time with Mommy. As you can see, Caitlin is wearing her new Big Sister shirt.


After spending a little time with Mommy, Caitlin went to the Irishman, and she became increasingly curious about her new baby brother.



She even managed to help give Sean his pacifier, before deciding it was time to hit the road. Leaving her Mommy in the hospital was difficult, and it was a tough drive home. But it was an important day and one that we will always remember and treasure. Caitlin may have found it hard today, and not fully realized what was going on, but she is going to be a great big sister.


As for Sean, it all proved to be too exciting for him, and by the end of the visit, he was fast asleep.

It is now 12:25AM Eastern Time, and this Irishman has completed his second blog post.


Michelle said...

Poor Caitlin and poor Mommy! I'm sure it was incredibly hard to see the two of you leave especially with Caitlin so upset! Saying extra prayers for you tonight, O'Sullivans.

Congratulations again, though, your babies are beautiful!

Rachel said...

That brings back SO many memories of Meredith meeting Russ for the 1st time. Matt brought in Meredith, and she was MAD at first. She was not happy to see that mommy who had not been with her that morning when she woke up, and how dare her have a baby in her hands when she came to the hospital! It got better as she was curious about the fingers and toes of this new person we all called Russ. She'll get it -- it really wasn't too bad for that long :)

Hope everything else is going well, and that you are recovering well!

sheri said...

What a good girl.

Ruthie said...

Aaahhh, brings back the memories of the day Joey met A.B., they love eachother dearly. And one thing I did with Joey was made him part of taking care of A.B., he loved being my little helper. Never a jealous moment. You're. An amazing family and I only wish the very best to the O'Sullivan family.