Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to the Real World…

I have come back for another guest post…

And so the time for this Irishman has come to return to the real world. The last 2 weeks have flown by. I had taken a little bit of time off from work knowing that I would need to be on hand when Jenny went in to the hospital. There were days that were challenging and tiring, and I have learned to appreciate times when I go to sleep. However, each day brought something new and it was truly an amazing couple of weeks. From welcoming the arrival of baby Sean and introducing him to Caitlin,to taking care of Caitlin and spoiling her that extra little bit, and then taking care of Mommy, the last two weeks have been all about family. It is ultimately the best feeling in the world to look at the smiling faces and to hear the familiar voices call out.

Below I have picked out what were some of my favorite pictures over the last while. I feel they show what we are all about. Enjoy!

The arrival of Sean

Daddy and Sean... our first picture together

Mommy and Sean... Thir first picture together

Caitlin meets her new baby brother

Getting to know Sean

What a big sister!

I think I could get to like sprinkles on ice cream

Getting ready to head home from the hospital

Sleeping on Daddy's chest

My monkey and banana

Just back from the pool... I should have brought these glasses!

I love Liverpool!

Who on earth is this green fella next to me?

C is for Cookie

Our two little darlings

So there you go. Good night and good luck. This is the Irishman signing off. From me to you and you to me, until we blog again…


Krystyn said...

Many congrats to you guys. Sean is adorable.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Sorry you're back to the real world so soon, but you've had a couple of incerdible weeks! :)

Leslie said...

It is truly evident how much love you all have for each other. Congratulations again on welcoming Sean.