Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sharing & Caring


Today, we had not planned on bringing Caitlin in to the hospital. Yesterday was a really tough day on her, and we had decided that it would be best for her to wait until Thursday to see her Mommy and baby brother at home.

This morning though, Jenny received an invitation for a celebration dinner in her room, for herself and the Irishman. After much thought and consideration, we decided to make it our first family of 4 dinner night.

Caitlin did much better and taught us all about sharing and caring! However before Caitlin and Daddy arrived, Sean had another great day with Mommy.

He started off with a nice little nap in the boppy cushion.


He managed to find the most comfortable spot on the boppy, without too much hassle.


He then peeked out from under his blankets and cozy hat to welcome Ruth to the hospital. Visitors are always nice, and she brought lots of goodies too.


It all seemed so exciting, as he managed to award himself with a grand old stretch and yawn.


Daddy and Caitlin arrived at around 5pm. Enjoy the little video link below.

Caitlin loved tickling Sean’s toes, and Sean did not mind either.


As you will have seen on the video clip, Caitlin really wanted to help give the dummy / pacifier to Sean. The pictures below give you an indication on her persistence.



Having gone through the whole caring piece with Sean, Caitlin wanted to have a little bit of sharing too. What better way to share than to try out Sean’s pacifier herself and one of his spare baby hats!


It was a really nice evening and best of all, Mommy and Sean come home tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

xxx Cindy

Michelle said...

So sweet! I love the picture of Caitlin trying our the hat and pacifier. :). And Sean is absolutely beautiful! Love your blog posts, Morgan!