Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Characters: Pooh and Friends

After giving up on long lines at Magic Kingdom on Tuesday afternoon (more on that later) we got to Animal Kingdom for the early hour for resort guests on Wednesday. What a difference!

We were walking by as they opened the line for Pooh and friends. It was Caitlin's first real character experience, so we almost held our breath as we walked up to Pooh. Thankfully she felt the same about the characters as she did about Santa...just as long as we're there with her everything is just fine!

We joked that Caitlin was all smiles until the Disney photographers tried to take a picture. You can see from the Tigger pictures how her face gets all serious for the photos taken by the "official" photographers.


The ultrasound went well yesterday! The baby is healthy and cooperated nicely. I have baked a cake for my kids at school and covered it in white icing and sprinkles. It says 'Boy or Girl?' in green icing and we are going to graph their predictions before cutting the cake to reveal pink or blue cake inside. We've told our family and friends the news, but I'll post a picture from my phone after we cut the cake at school to announce the gender on the ol' blog.

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