Sunday, March 13, 2011

Daddy's Birthday

The Irishman found a special treat for Caitlin back in December. He wanted to give it to her at the time, but we decided that a) she was a little young for it and b) she had more than enough Christmas presents. It didn't take long for him to start planning when to share his gift with his little girl. He decided he would give it to her on HIS birthday.


Caitlin approved of the plan!

The Irishman sent me a text on Friday. He thinks that "ummmm ma" is Elmo.

Daddy got a few presents, too.
("It's a WATCH!")

Even Rafa joined in the fun.

Birthday hugs!

Once we finished presents and got dressed, several of our friends and Grandma Betty joined us at a local restaurant for an Irish brunch. The Irishman got to have a traditional Irish breakfast complete with black pudding on his special day. The city also held its annual St. Patrick's Day Parade in honor of Morgan on the Irishman's birthday. We took 211 pictures in one day...I'd say that is a sign of a successful day!

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Julie Elizabeth said...

Daddy got a few presents, too.
("It's a WATCH!")

That makes me giggle :)