Friday, March 11, 2011


As the Irishman and I were enjoying our pancakes, a certain toddler was getting fussy. She had pushed away the tray of the highchair but didn't want to get out yet. Caitlin reached out both arms and opened and closed her hands...her way of saying, "I want it now!" 

The only the I could see was the plastic jar of applesauce, so I handed it to her.

She thought the pancakes were okay,

but the applesauce?

It was a lick-the-bowl-clean kind of good!


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JanMary @ said...

Great series of photos :)

Having my St Patricks Bloggy carnival again this year if you would like to join in!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Rylee is an applesauce fan too. She thinks all of it (even the Publix brand) is the homemade stuff my cousin Lisa makes...lucky for us!

Krystyn said...

Too funny!

Our girls love it, too.

Natalie can even open the fridge and get it out!