Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've reached the point in my...pregnancy? school year? life?...where I would be perfectly content to stay in my PJs all day. I am really in need of a PJ day, but there is not one in sight. Sigh.

If I have to get dressed and go to work at least I can enjoy photos of Caitlin in her new Elmo PJs. They were on sale at Kohls but they only had size 2T...and they are only a little big. She is growing up WAY too fast!

The contractors are FINALLY fixing the hole in the wall today from the break-in. We met with the team last night who said, "Great! We'll start in the morning." We are thrilled they can get it done so quick, but as for notice to our places of employment that we need time off to babysit the team while they fix the hole in the wall...ouch. Thank you to Grandma Betty for coming to our rescue for part of the day. Not sure what we would do without that help!

Happy Thursday!
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

You might like to tell Morgan that his facebook account appears to have been hacked.. I just had a facebook chat with some dude trying to convince me you all had been mugged 'on the suwbway from the city mall' in London...


Jim Butler

angie said...

I love my pj's. Perhaps a little too much. Glad your wall is getting fixed finally!