Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Desk

I remember when my parents bought this old desk. It was painted yellow and some other equally awful color. My dad refinished it and it was in my sister's room growing up. We loved the desk.

When I moved to Florida, Mom and Jason decided an old desk would be great in a teacher's apartment. It has been hidden in a corner of our living room for a while now. I had been thinking about getting Caitlin a little table and chair set...then I remembered the desk.

It has found its second life. Caitlin eats her after school snack in the chair every day. Last Saturday was rainy and gross so we pulled out the crayons and showed Caitlin was the desk was really intended for.

It is almost frightening how grown up she looks coloring at the old desk!

I am sure in a few years she will be playing school with her little brother or sister just like we used to do!

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