Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This weekend we decided to use some of Caitlin's left over birthday money to pick up a Cozy Coupe. She has shown interest in the classic red car everytime we come across one. We were thrilled when we found one on clearance at Walmart.

Well, we were thrilled at first...

Caitlin knew what it was as soon as we took the parts out of the box. The Irishman worked, and worked, and worked to put it together. The little yellow top seems to be defective on the one we got on clearance.

After two and a half hours and a lot of swearing I present to you the Cozy Convertible.

Bet you didn't know they had a sports car edition, huh?


The Carroll Family said...

Glad someone else had as many problems putting it together as we did! :)

Michelle said...

Poor Morgan! :(. Can you not take it back and get a new one that is not defective?