Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend A, B, C

A is for Art Supplies.

Sunday was the grand opening of one of my favorite craft stores. I have been looking forward to this all summer! My little shopper came with me and was thrilled with her safety scissors and Mickey Mouse paper. I made her day for less that $2. Awesome!

B is for Books.

When I got my Kindle last year I was bummed to find out that our local city library didn’t have e-books. For some reason during the tropical storm last week I got it in my head to check the county library. As it turns out they have e-books and audio books I can check out from home. 

I couldn’t wait to go sign up for a card so that I could try it out. Saturday morning Caitlin and I did just that. When I went to sign up for a card they asked if I wanted one for Caitlin and I didn’t see why not!  After we got our cards we picked out 10 books for her to check out on her very own library card.

We’d gone to the library a bit while I was on maternity leave, but when I went back to school we had a mishap with some very overdue books. We’d taken a break from it for a while. It is amazing how much more grown up Caitlin is now. I picked a variety of my favorites and then listened to her “read” the books in the backseat on the way home.

I am sure we will be going back soon. We were not even back home yet before she decided we needed to go back to get “Clifford Fire Truck.”

And the e-book services? Amazing! I have already downloaded an audiobook to my phone and have a library book on the Kindle. Such great (money saving) features!

C is for Popsicle?
Sunday night Caitlin was enjoying an Italian Ice Pop when I pulled out my camera to snap a picture of her messy face. I was about to put the camera away when I heard

shouted from across the room.
Love it!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

I always try the library for my Nook books too. Definitely a money saver!