Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf

Caitlin loves to talk.

A lot.

I was on the phone with my mom today and she got to listen in. It always starts with , “Mommy. (pause) blah, blah, blah.”

The big bad wolf is one of her favorite topics. The wolf has shown up in books and on both Little Einsteins and Super Why. He has almost become her imaginary friend.

“Mommy. (pause) The Big Bad Wolf is coming to get me.”

“Mommy. (pause) The Big Bad Wolf is being bold.”

“Mommy. (pause) The Big Bad Wolf is not being bold anymore.”

“Mommy. (Pause) The Big Bad Wolf is my friend.

“Mommy. (pause) The Big Bad Wolf is very nice.”

I accidently blew the Big Bad Wolf out the window last week. He was sitting in “Daddy’s chair” in the car on the way home from school. We were practicing our “Huff and Puff” when Caitlin declared that I’d blown him away. I opened the window a little (in the rain) and coaxed him back in.

One day last week she came out with this one:
“Mommy. The Big Bad Wolf is sad because the other kids won’t play with him.”

It bugged me. I was trying to convince myself that there was nothing more to it.

The Irishman and I both noticed that Caitlin doesn’t seem to be enjoying school. Monday morning she say me in my dress and looked at me distrustfully.
“We we going?”

I told her I was going to school and she threw down her stuffed animals and blanket and started with the “No!” and “I don’t WANT to go to school.”
I asked her teachers about it when I picked her up. They said she is very well behaved. She is doing well. They love her. All is good. I asked about friends and they admitted that she plays by herself most of the time. The other kids play rough. I’ve seen it. They are quite rough. Caitlin is very quiet at school. Even the boys who tried to hug her when she walked in nearly knocked her over.

When she got to school today they said to her (in front of Morgan) “Mommy says you are crying every morning.” We are so not impressed.

We want to give it a fair chance, but I don’t know how it will get better. We don’t really want her to start playing rough. I don’t see anything being done to change the way the kids play.
So we’ll see what happens.


The Irishman is ill. Still. It has been two weeks. He went back to the doctor on Friday for more meds.
We were joking this weekend about just how much he does around the house. After two weeks of this the house is showing it. He typically watches the kids while I work on the house. I’m hoping he feels better soon.He went to work today and has a 99.8 fever now. Sigh.


I had more to say, but I am tired. I just caught myself dozing with the space bar held down. Opps.
I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.
Good night~=!

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Thyra said...

I don't know how her school is with moving kids up a room up that really helped for us. She basically moved up a couple months ahead of the 'problem kids' and even though they are in the same class again now, I guess they think she has seniority over them or something.