Monday, September 17, 2012

The Little Things

I decided last night I would try to put together a blog post and I found that I had NO pictures. To put it in perspective my June folder has 376 photos, July 524, and August 472. September 2012 has 83. I can take more photos than that in a day.

It has been a month though. We had just recovered from back-to-school when we all got sick. The Irishman hasn’t been able to shake it. He made a third doctor’s appointment last Friday. The man never willing goes to the doctor. Three trips in as many weeks is a big deal.

He was on his way to drop off the kids and spend some time in the office before his appointment when Sean threw up. The school nurse took his temp and deemed it a day home for the little guy. Thankfully it was a quick little bug. By that afternoon the fever was gone and he was feeling better.
I had my filming at school Friday, so the Irishman took Sean along to his doctor appointment. Another round of antibiotics and a number of tests – still waiting on the results. In the meantime the Irishman is still feeling pretty crummy.

Saturday was my birthday. I didn’t even get out of my PJs. Caitlin loved making cupcakes. It was a fun little family celebration.

Then the stomach bug hit.

Caitlin wet the bed at about 4am. I felt lightheaded and sick to my stomach. I tried to send the Irishman in to take care of her but she only wanted me. I was dozing on the twin bed in the kids’ room when she woke up again. Sick.

It was one of those moments when it all clicks and you start to realize what you are dealing with.
I HATE stomach bugs.

By morning light it was clear that the only one of us feeling 100% was Sean. I was worried that the Irishman would end up dehydrated because he was already feeling ill to start with so I sent him back to bed and managed not to pass out or puke on the kids. It was looking bleak there for a while…

By mid afternoon we were starting to feel better. I hate stomach bugs, but this one gets credit in my book for being as short and mild as we could have hoped for, all things considered.

Today was a “fall holiday” at school. I left school early on Friday afternoon because of my sick guys, so I dropped the kids off at school this morning and took a couple of hours to play catch up. I ordered lunch for the Irishman and then picked up the kids. We stopped at GGB’s house to pick up soup she made for the Irishman.

Then we went to Publlix.


(I tried to get a picture of them both looking. It didn’t happen!)


Caitlin LOVES going to Publix. I told her this morning that we would be going after school today. It is one of her FAVORTIE places to go!


(Sean doesn’t mind too much, either)


I got a bit done this morning, but we are so far behind in so many things. The house. The laundry. Work. Mailing gifts. Buying gifts. Sigh.


But for now? I’m going to focus on the little things.

Like baby giggles and happy trips to Publix.

(And taking more pictures!)


Agate Lake Girl said...

Bummer to be sick on your birthday! Hope the Irishman feels better soon too.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your stomach bug and Morgan still being sick! I'm also sorry to hear how behind you are, I wish I lived closer so I could help more. I sent you and Morgan a little something that can't help with all the chores and sickness but will hopefully bring you some laughter that will help.