Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Caitlin at the Park

No creative title today. I think I’ve gotten 9 hours sleep in the last two days. Sadly it isn’t even kid related. After a crazy week with sick kids I am playing catch up with school.

I am taking part in a case study with an outside group that has partnered with our school. There was a film crew in my classroom today. There were two camera men, a producer, and a sound tech. Next week they are going to film me watching the lesson with a coach to mentor me on how to improve on specific elements of my teaching. It should be a great experience, but it is a bit nerve wrecking. I spent forever last night trying to find cloths that were clean, fit, and would film well!

Then tonight was Open House. I have a really great group this year! It was a long day, but it went well!

Unfortunately I came home to discover the Irishman is running a 101 fever. He was sick all last week. After some crazy nose bleeds Saturday I finally talked him into going to the doctor. We don’t have a regular physician so I dropped him off at an urgent care center while I took the kids for dinner.
They said it was bronchitis and gave him a z pack. Today was the last dose and he is running a fever. Sigh.

Right before the trip to the doctor we decided to drive to the park so the kids would nap. Instead they both stayed awake until we left the park – suddenly because the Irishman had another nosebleed.


Can you tell he didn’t feel good?



She’s getting brave and trying new things!



And yes. Snack time is a common occurrence! They love their “special apple!”

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Michelle said...

Poor Morgan! I hope he starts felling better soon and I hope you get some good restful sleep!