Monday, July 5, 2010

Beautiful Baby on the Fourth of July

For the Fourth we made plans to head to the beach. Our initial plan was to check out a sandcastle contest and beach it in the morning. We thought we would head home for the afternoon nap and then back to the beach for the Beautiful Bathing suit Babies Contest.

I packed up all our things and got the baby dressed for the beach when we heard the rumble of thunder. Change in plans. During the afternoon nap I finished making a tutu to match Caitlin's new suit. (I guess I can mark tutu making off my summer bucket list!) The weather cleared so we tried again.

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We got to the beach as they finished up the hot dog eating contest. The Irishman registered Caitlin for the Beautiful Babies contest. They said it would begin in about 15 minutes so we spread a blanket out and got our beauty ready for the big contest.

Our good friend Dawn came to cheer on Caitlin. We were chatting away when we thought we felt a drop or two.

An hour later...

We were still waiting. My arms are STILL sore from holding both the baby and the umbrella. Somehow we kept the baby dry. Morgan and Dawn were not so lucky.

When it first started to rain Caitlin was dancing to the music and having a great time. An hour later she was well behaved, but the judges missed out on the "personality" she was showing before the rain came!

Let's just say you won't be seeing us on "Toddlers and Tiaras" anytime soon!

By the time we got to the car there was a puddle in the bottom of the stroller. Somehow we managed to keep the baby dry. (She is in the stroller under the blue towel...she kept smiling up at us through the clear view window)

We got home and fed and bathed our beautiful baby. Before bed the Irishman showed off his sparkler abilities and Caitlin looked on through the window.

We had a fantastic grilled meal (another thing off the summer bucket list) and watched fireworks in the distance. We live about 3 miles from the beach so we listened to the radio simulcast) It was a wet day, but a lot of fun.

(More pictures of the swimsuit model tomorrow. It is only the 5th and we have almost 200 pictures in our July 2010 folder. It has been a busy few days. Milestones, holidays, new clothes...)

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Krystyn said...

Her little tutu is adorable! Sorry the contest didn't work out so well.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful 4th of July even with the rain!