Saturday, March 27, 2010

Aunt Julie

We love Aunt Julie!

My sister was in town from Montana last weekend for the Baptism. Julie last came to visit in December so she could see big changes in Little Miss. We played together with the baby, went for a walk with the new stroller, and stopped for Steak-n-Shake on the way to the airport. Caitlin decided to give her sign of approval to her Godmother...Aunt Julie's first spit-up covered shirt. That's love!

We loved having her here and can't wait for her next visit!

We love Aunt Julie, but this weekend it is Vicky from Nashville who is the hero in our house.

The Irishman called the cable company yesterday. They reset the signal and said he could try the automated help line. He seemed confident with this. Me, not so much.
After work he called the company again. I was with the baby, so I am not sure the details, but he was talking to a human who told him it COULD be the cable signal...or it COULD be a bad modem...or it COULD be something else. They set an appointment for the technician to come on MONDAY.
The Irishman seemed okay with this. He was thrilled that we get a $20 credit if they come late. Me, not so much.
We have rented a cable modem for about 5 years. That means we have spent about $300 on a rented modem. I have been saying for a while we should replace it...and I thought now might be the time. This made even more sense to the Irishman than getting $20 if they show up late, so the Irishman and his father went to the store and bought a replacement cable modem. They set it up in the living room, and....

The signal in the living room is suddenly not strong enough. It looks like we will need that appointment on Monday anyway. Sigh.
So, I sent the Irishman to the nursery-themed-guest-room upstairs. He tried setting up the modem, phone, and wireless router there and...


However, the modem had to be registered with our cable company. He tried doing it online but it wouldn't work. Go figure. This is when the swearing may or may not have started.
This meant a call to the cable company. We do not get good cell phone signal downstairs in the house so he had to sit in one spot with the phone on speaker. My phone on speaker to be exact. There was a phone charger maneuver in there as I tried to prevent losing our spot in line due to a dead battery.
Finally a very Southern voice came on the other end. And the Irishman did his thing.

He hates making phone calls, but he can charm them like no one else. During downtimes while waiting for the computer he will ask if they have been busy today. He will ask how much longer until they get to go home. He will ask if they get a lot of calls like this one. (During a recent call regarding our vacuum he asked if they get many calls as stupid as his...) Between his lighthearted chatter and his accent, he usually gets what he wants.
Vicky was no exception. She registered the modem and waited patiently while the very slow computer restarted. She wished up a good day. The Irishman thanked her for her help and asked her name. He asked Vicky from Nashville who he should send an e-mail to about her fantastic service.
I am not sure who was more pleased...the Irishman or the very southern Vicky from Nashville -

Or me.
We’re back online. At last!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

I've so been there! Glad you're back up and running.