Friday, March 26, 2010

And the computer issues continue...

I wrote all this out...and then lost it on the stupid touch screen. Not happy!

My morning computer daily "me time" is not nearly as relaxing when the computer isn't working. My google reader is at around 400. I have read so many great blog posts from my phone that I cannot comment on from my phone. Talk about frustrating!

We are going on day three of little or no internet connection. It looks like a call to the cable company may be in order...from our cell phones because the phone is out, too...Sigh.

The worst part is that I have at least three posts saved and ready to go that I can't get to from my phone. Sigh.

I was smart enough last night to take some pictures last night so I could edit them this morning...not that I can send them to anyone without an internet connection. Sigh.

It will all be okay though. Today is a teacher work day...then a week off. The Irishman may take a couple days off to spend with us. Nana and Granda may take a day trip or two being as I will be able to resume baby-duty...and I am looking forward to a week of baby-duty!

Happy Friday! Here's to hoping my next post is not from a touch screen...

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