Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Updates, Blah-ness, and Not-So-Blah-ness

I am feeling quite pregnant these days. Despite the fact that I gained no weight in the last two weeks, I have grown anyway and am struggling to find things to fit. Even my contact lenses have decided not to fit me these days. (Eyes changing shape is one of those normal but not overly common things I've learned about...)

My student teacher is now teaching 100% which means I am catching up on paperwork and getting things ready for when I go on leave and trying really hard not to interrupt her lessons and teach it myself. I am hoping to work until the end of October.

The baby is doing well. She is very active...even the doctor commented on that. She is still oblique, but is moving a lot and has time to decided to move into a more favorable position.

The camera is fixed...Cannon Customer Service wins a BIG thumbs up in my book! The gentleman who talked me through our flash issue knew exactly what he was talking about and was able to talk me through fixing the issue. I was worried about having to send off the camera before the baby.

I can tell that I am a bit sensitive...and have had friends with unfortunate situations that my heart is breaking for right now. One of the girls I went to college with has a young daughter who got sick a couple of weeks ago. She has been diagnosed with leukemia and now may have had a stroke. It is heartbreaking. You can read her story here.

I also found out that a friend from work is going through some rough personal issues and is suddenly moving away. I feel so bad for her having to leave so suddenly...and am still trying to process it all.

So, I am feeling a bit blah. On the plus side we had our first "cool front" of the season. That means that the high was only in the upper 80's today instead of the 90's. It was a bit overcast all day though so it has added to my blah mood.

My favorite water aerobics instructor was teaching tonight, but I decided to stay home and hang out with my favorite Irishman. (Better yet, the said Irishman is making dinner as I type this!) I am going to wash some of the baby clothes and work in the nursery. That is more fun that the other kind of work!

Also making my day brighter? I got an amazing box of goodies in the mail from a friend I have not seem since 8th grade. We have recently gotten back in touch through Facebook and blogs. It was such a generous surprise. What a treat!

One final random thought:
The e-mail I got yesterday said the baby is now the size of a medium pumpkin. I love pumpkins. I saw pumpkins in the grocery store this evening and it made me for one extra reason!


Michelle said...

Yay! I love that they told you that she is the size of a pumpkin. :) And your weather seems like it is a bit more Fallish...A reason to celebrate and not to feel blah! I hope you enjoyed the box of random goodies and I'm glad they helped to make you feel a bit better. Hope you have a wonderful evening with your husband and your new nursery! :)

Agate Lake Girl said...

Sorry to hear the sad news - it is heartbreaking when children are sick. It makes me worry for Rylee. :(

MN Mom said...

So sorry to hear about the sick child...makes me feel so sad.