Saturday, September 5, 2009

Early Birthday Surprise

As few weeks ago, the Irishman and I got a letter from our Homeowner's Association regarding black marks on the verandas. (Side note...this is what the Irishman refers to it as and I cannot for the life of me think of the other word...we have two patios accessible from the second story sliding glass doors.) Morgan tried to scrub off the gunk, but there was some slight spray paint marks on the concrete from the last time the railings were repainted...almost two years ago. This morning Uncle Ken came by to drop off his pressure washer for us to borrow.

He also came with an early birthday surprise! (Have you noticed Rafa manages to get himself into just about every picture I take?) I have just over a week left of my 20s, but my uncle is heading out of town and thought I could use an early treat. Can I tell you how much this made my day! Thank you Ken!!!

It is going to be a nice weekend. I was at school for a combined 24 hours on Thursday and Friday, but I think things are falling into place now in my classroom. We had a nice third grade planning session and my student teacher will start taking over a subject a week now. By October she will be teaching 100%.

I asked for help with the childcare issue...and I asked the right person. My friend Lyndsay had done a fair bit of research before she went back to work after having her twins. She is going to share what she found and offered to visit places with me. Better yet, she said she is still getting e-mails from places she'd visited and she thinks with the economy the way it is we should have no problem finding a good place. She seemed to think I had plenty of time and that really put my mind at ease.

So it is a nice LONG weekend. The Irishman is playing in a golf tournament...the university where he works is holding their own "Ryder Cup" of sorts and he is playing for Europe. I have had a quiet lazy morning. The clothes are hanging on the line. The baby is kicking. I have beautiful birthday flowers on the table. The to do list is manageable and we are taking it a little bit at a time. All is good!

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Michelle said...

I'm glad that you had a better week and that things are starting to fall in place for you. :) It's also fun to hear about the baby kicking. :) I hope next week and your birthday turn out lovely!!