Monday, September 14, 2009

Odds & Ends

I had planned on posting this weekend...and it didn't happen. So I have a variety of odds and ends for you here tonight.

Up first...


Avoiding the Oink

Swine flu has been ALL over lately. They have sent home two notices at school though we have no cases reported yet. We went to a party this weekend and now one of the girls there thinks she has it...though her husband thinks it is just a cold and she has spent too much time on the Internet.

The best of all though had to be at the gym tonight. After water aerobics I went to get my bag before hopping into the shower. At the locker below mine was THAT LADY. You know...the one who is very naked and very much not moving. I was freezing cold in my wet swimsuit and trying to reach over to get to my locker...not an easy task at 32 weeks pregnant. At about this time THAT LADY notices I am pregnant. Instead of moving out of my way, she starts to lecture me about swine flu.

I hope you are being careful with this swine being pregnant
and all.

No, I mean it. Really.
Stay away from people and don't let them hug you.

I know she was well intentioned, but seriously, moving out of my way and putting on clothes may have been more helpful at the time! Part of me wanted to oink at her, but I'm a good girl and refrained.


Shopping deals

The Irishman and I have been really trimming our budget lately. I've been reading about the Walgreen's deals on several blogs. Sunday before our weekly shopping trip, my husband took a nap and I did my research. I printed coupons and made a list of items with good register rewards deals. We stopped at Walgreen's and I bought my goodies...but there were no register rewards. Thankfully the manager offered to just adjust the prices for me then and there. The Irishman thought it was too much trouble, but we got some really good deals. I am thinking I'll try again next a nicer store!

I have added several thrifty blogs to my reader, thanks to Jessi. I'm still new to all the coupons and such, but I am getting there! My grocery "advertised specials, store coupons, and manufacturers coupons" savings was almost to 50% this week.


Looking Forward to...

The Jay Leno Show! I have always liked Leno and I am THRILLED that it is on at 10pm. I grew up in the Central Time Zone. I now live in the Eastern Time Zone. I think people in the Central Time Zone might be nicer because they get an extra hour of sleep. TV is on too late...but Jay is going to fix it all!
That's about all from here! We had a nice weekend of celebrations. The nursery is getting there. We got even more used baby goodies this week from friends. Things are looking good. Best of all? My mom gets here on Friday. = )


Jessi said...

Hey Jenny, Not sure if you saw this deal, but if I had one near me, I would totally sign up!

We just did Jules' 3 months at Target and they turned out great (but not free :( )

Another place to keep an eye out for good baby deals is

What kind of grocery stores are around you? I tend to only do national chains. But I can send you to blogs that do local chains.

Agate Lake Girl said...

I'll have to check Jay out. I miss the central time zone for that reason too.