Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water Aerobics

At my doctor's appointment yesterday I mentioned to her that we'd joined the YMCA and I was planning to take Yoga and Water Aerobics classes. The doctor thought it was a great idea as long as I avoided the "hot" yoga. Little does she know I avoid sweating at all cost...which is not easy in South Florida!

My friend Dawn and I went to our first water aerobics class this morning. We got there about 15 minutes early and saw about what we expected.

We were about half the age of anyone in the pool.

The teacher came over to us before class started and asked if we were REALLY staying for water aerobics. Dawn was quick to point to me and say, "She's pregnant!" (I got to be the excuse.)

Throughout the class she would look over at us and chuckle. Did I mention that the rest of the class was abnormally tall for little old people their age? We had to move to the front to be in the shallow end.

Honestly, we really enjoyed it! Some of the little white haired ladies gave us some dirty looks, but we could get past that. There was a lot of focus on the arms, which I didn't expect. The Y provides the water weights and the noodles. Best of all, I feel like I got a nice workout and didn't feel sweaty and gross afterwards. That's a win-win in my book!

We'll see how I feel this afternoon, but it looks like we will head back tomorrow.


Brittany Ann said...

Water aerobics is a great idea for mommies-to-be! Especially in the Florida heat!

Rosemary said...

I am confused as to why the little old women would be giving you dirty looks! Kudos to you for doing this though!

Basham said...

Yea I am glad you liked it. I have taught it several times and yes the little old ladies are very territorial! Mark your spot and stand your ground. Tomorrow will probably be different ladies so get ready but after a few classes they will warm up to you. Oh and they remember everything, if they find out you are are set! They will take great care of you as long as you don't take their spot! ;)

Anonymous said...

Water aerobics sounds like fun, and I had to laugh that the little old ladies were staring at y'all.