Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Vacation is Here

...even if it is just for one day!

Yesterday was my first official day off school...and I spent 6 hours in a extremely boring math workshop. Tomorrow I have an all day workshop on "Response to Intervention." Summer camp starts on Monday. I am teaching drama in the afternoons for four weeks. (Not that I know much about teaching drama, but I can fake it!)

As for today though...nothing!

Well, if you consider taking the cat to the vet and a doctor's appointment nothing.

(Side note...this is where we hope the little shamrock cooperates! The Irishman is desperate to know if it is a boy or a girl. I'd like to know as well, but he is going nuts!)

(Second side note...Rafa is the one going to the vet. He is not my easy going furry child. There is usually a lot of hissing involved. Once they had to knock him out to examine him...let's hope it doesn't come to that!)

Last week the Irishman and I got a summer membership at the local YMCA. They were running a really good summer promotion and the gym we use at work is unavailable in the summers. I actually got up early this morning with plans to go to a yoga class...only they don't have yoga class on Thursday morning. Oops!

So, now I have the morning to be productive be lazy. I am going to go back and read all the WONDERFUL comments on my last post. (Many of which came as e-mails.) I cannot begin to say how helpful that was. Even the conflicting recommendations were helpful. As those of you with two or three or four reminded me each baby is different, but it is still SO helpful to see the different perspectives. A couple of y'all brought up products I hadn't even heard of but am looking into! Now I just have to make up my mind on things...not my strong suit!

Well, I am off to fill my free morning with bills to pay and laundry to fold. Happy Summer!


Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

My last day was Wednesday and it is so nice sitting around the house relaxing. Gotta love summer vacation. We have company so it has still be busy though. Good luck working on the nursery!!

The Coble's said...

We need to see belly pictures!!!