Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Kind of Car Shopping

After Mass this morning we went out for breakfast. We'd taken two cars (ours and the in-laws rental) so I headed home and the Irishman and his parents went out to run errands.

I have had a bit of a headache, so I was checking my e-mail and about to go for a nap when I got a call. It seems they found a car they thought I might like. The best part? They drove it from the dealership to the house so that I could see it.

All I had to do was walk out the front door.

No salesmen, no pressure.

It is the only way to go!

Even better yet? We love the car. It is a 2008 with 14,000 miles on it. We have not had a car payment...well ever, so it is still a lot of money, but it is a good deal and has a great warranty. We have it on hold and will call the bank in the morning. The dealership has an Irish background so they waived the holding fee. It keeps getting better!

This is my kind of car shopping!


Agate Lake Girl said...

Car shopping is awful, but that doesn't sound too bad. Hope it works out!

Heather said...

So glad to hear that things have worked out!

Kellie said...

That's awesome! Yay!

MN Mom said...

That is the way we do it back in Minnesota too...I had no idea here in Florida you could get that service. What dealership??? Just for future reference.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is great service, lol!! Glad you found a great car.