Thursday, April 2, 2009

Alabama and Back

Dear Alabama Tourism Board,

I would respectfully like to suggest to you a new marketing campaign. While you have many great things to offer in your state, I think you may be missing a target demographic. It seems you have many great fans across the pond in Ireland.

Preliminary research has been inconclusive as to where this fascination with your state began. The books, movies, and songs that have traveled across the pond portray Alabama as the real American south. You may want to play on that.

I would also like to suggest that you put in a nice "Welcome to Alabama" sign at the welcome center on I-10. The best we could do for the obligatory picture was the same beat up doormat I photographed in 2001 (the first time I stopped at your welcome center with an Irish tourist).

We did very much enjoy the 100 Things to Eat in Alabama Before You Die brochure. As luck would have it we stopped at Felix's Fish Camp had the crab soup was quite nice. My mother-in-law took three of those brochures to show to people back in Ireland.

I hope that my suggestions are helpful to the great state of Alabama.

Warm regards,

Jenny @ Irish by Marriage


Kellie said...

That's hilarious! I have a good friend from Alabama and we would talk about life in the south and how we miss it. I had no idea Alabama was so big with Ireland.

Agate Lake Girl said...

A food inspired bucket list - finally one that I can embrace!

MN Mom said...

Seems like you had a good time! I have driven through Alabama and I agree they could use a bit of updating...all I remember is signs for Fire Works!

Lynette said...

It just seems like Alabama is one of those places that stays the same. I go back every few years to visit the in-laws, and everything is just the way it was the last time, down to the greeter at the wal-mart

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, too funny. Hope they take your suggestions!