Saturday, April 25, 2009

Car Not-So-Fun

This is my in-laws last weekend before they head back to the other side of the pond so we are trying to fit in everything they wanted to do but haven't yet. I see a lot of eating our in my future! It also means that we have been out and about A LOT lately!

Update from my last post: The car is fine. They cleaned whatever part made the "Check Engine Light" go off without cleaning out our checking account and the car is running well now. It is however 10 years old and shared between the two of us...we've decided it is time to start looking for a back up.

Yep, we hope to become a two car family soon. So far our biggest obstacles have been 1) our very small budget, 2) neither of us would be what you could consider "car people", and 3) we both HATE car shopping. The Irishman and his father have been looking around for the last week or so.

This afternoon we drove 45 minutes to a dealership that had an impressive ad in the paper. We had possibly the most inexperienced car salesman ever and then discovered the ad was an all out lie not completely truthful. (You know...add an extra $4000 to the price if you want an extra like air conditioning...not that they have any cars like the one in the ad on site. If you ask though they will order it!)


I REALLY hate car shopping. I also hate test driving. I am happy to drive around the parking lot. I do not need to drive to the next town.

(Side note: I said that to the most inexperienced car salesman ever today and he asked if I'd crashed a car while test driving or, no. Thanks for the confidence though!)

Let me get a feel for it and I am happy. I do not live to drive. I do not need to see the engine. What I DO care about is the price. Driving your car is not going to make me fall in love with the car and agree to pay more!

I was hoping to head to the beach or the pool today, but I got to go car shopping instead. How did that happen?

On the plus side we stopped at Kohls on the way home and I got a couple of cute dresses. (One was on clearance for $5 and change. Love that!) We followed that up with Sonic for dinner. It hasn't been that long since Kohls and Sonic ventured into South Florida, so that still makes me quite happy.

I guess I'd better go back downstairs and be social. I kind of snuck away...

Happy weekend!

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