Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jump and Play Class–The Show One

I'd planned to post about Christmas today, but there was no naptime yesterday. This is the only post I had ready to do, so enjoy!


Caitlin started gymnastics classes in November. She loves to “jump and play” at the indoor playgrounds, so before her first class I told her she was going to “jump and play class.” The name stuck! She knows it is called gymnastics, but at three years old, “jump and play” might be a more accurate name! Our main reasoning for signing her up is to give her a different outlet to socialize and make friends.

The gym was putting on a winter show in December and we signed her up. The did three rotations showing off the skills they work on in class. Caitlin called it “Jump and Play Class – The Show One.”


I hadn’t taken any pictures during classes, so I made up for it during the show!



I love this one – she is smelling the bar. The boys always smell pizza, but Caitlin said it smelled like the beach. She’s a Florida girl!


At the end each student got called up to get a trophy and a certificate.They even got to stand on the podium!


This is Caitlin with Coach Stephanie. She LOVES her coach!


It is just 45 minutes once a week, but Caitlin looks forward to it! Two months in and I am enjoying watching her figure things out. She takes each new move as a challenge and gets so excited when she figures out how to do it herself. They have two weeks off for Christmas, and she can't wait to go back wearing the new "jump and play clothes" Aunt Julie got her!

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