Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started with a last minute trip to the pediatric ENT’s office. Sean has an ear infection and had to have his ear drained. The office is about 45 minutes away. No fun – but we were thrilled that they worked us in and gave us drops so we could avoid a trip to the pharmacy!
The Irishman and Caitlin stated home and made some preparations for the Christmas dinner. Caitlin loves to cook!

That evening we got dressed in our finest and headed to my grandparents’ house for a pre-Mass visit.


GGB’s house is one of Caitlin’s favorite places to go – and having my cousins there makes it even better!


They humored us and took some family pictures by my grandparents’ tree. Daddy was off catching Caitlin so I got one with my little guy. He waved and then pointed to the camera.


We bought this suit for Sean last spring and had misplaced it. I found it about an hour before we were getting dressed. The Irishman bought his suit on Black Friday. We had a laugh about just how well they matched! Both looked sharp!


Mass was an experience. The nun told us on Sunday that St. Nicholas would be coming to the 7pm Mass. We’d planned to go earlier, but going at 7 also meant we could stop at GGB’s house so we adjusted our plans.

When we pulled up to the church I honestly thought we had the time wrong. There were very few cars – less than a usual Sunday. I was in a panic trying to decide what our back up plan was going to be. The Irishman stayed calm and we walked in on time – and to an almost empty church. The nun was thrilled to see us there.

On the plus side it was quiet. There were only about 30 people in the whole church. On the downside it was quiet and all thirty people could see that our kids were up past their bedtime. We spent more time than we would have liked to chasing a fussing kid or two walking up and down the aisles.


When we got home the kids stayed awake just long enough to put out a plate of cookies and milk. We’d hoped to read The Night Before Christmas and such but they fell asleep before that happened. It was a long day!

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