Thursday, February 11, 2010

ABC, Here's Looking at Me!

Last weekend we put down the foam letters in the living room. Caitlin is getting closer to rolling over and is enjoying more and more time with her play gym mat. Certain people (no names...but they may be Irish) were making a big fuss about getting up and down off the floor so I thought it would be a help. It also isn't a bad background for photos....


I'd planned to post yesterday but it seems I was not meant to touch electronic devices yesterday. The wireless was down yesterday morning making for a very boring morning pump. Then the microwave decided to die for no good reason half way through my morning bottle prep. I checked the breakers and all before waking up the Irishman. He too played around with it only to have it come back as quick as it left. Odd.

Then I got to school and half the building was without power. computers and partial lighting. Fun times. On the plus is a good excuse for not answering parent e-mails!


I stayed up too late last night designing Valentine cards for my class. I'll post them later in the week. Caitlin woke up right before the dream feed so I woke up early this morning and am going to try to fit in a shower...this really may be Mission Impossible, but hopefully without the self-destruct part!


Update on Mauree's little boy Silas: They've run all sorts of tests but do not really have an answer yet. They were going to go home (they live 3 hours from the hospital where they are now) and come back next week to go over tests and such but Silas spiked a fever. Mauree posted a picture of him on Facebook this week. He looked good for a little boy who'd been poked and tested all week!


Jellybean update: Four pound jar is half empty. It'd like to say I had help with it, but I'd be lying.

At least it is Thursday!
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MN Mom said...

She is growing! Can't wait until the little Shamrock see's her first St. Patty's Day!