Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 Months Old

Well, better late than never! I have had this posted saved for a week but had forgotten about it. Here is a look at Caitlin's 3 month pictures!

(Side note: I had the foot rest out on the recliner, so she was in no danger of falling...even though it looks like she is ready to launch herself off of the chair! Also...we'd replaced the throw on the recliner but wanted the pictures to match so the Irishman put the old one back on...which may or may not be why the pictures are a little crooked...)

For all the wonderful, smiley pictures we have of her, she is almost always fussy when we try to take these shots. It figures!

She doesn't go back to the doctor for another month, but she sure is growing! I went back through her clothes again last night packing away the things she's outgrown and pulling out the beginning of the 6 month sizes. She is comfortably in size 2 diapers at night now and still wears cloth diapers by day.

She is so much more alert and grabs at things. (My hair being her favorite of course!) It is looking like she will roll over any day now...I just hope I am home when that happens! I know it's not that big a deal, but I hate the thought of missing it.

We love our baby girl!
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The Smith Family said...

A friend of mine who works says the milestones her son reaches do not count until she witnesses it :-)

Agate Lake Girl said...

Love the look back - she's getting so big!

Kellie said...

Sweet pictures :)