Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

On the way home from school yesterday, Caitlin told the Irishman that she needed him to be really busy for a while.

"We are just going eat a snack and sleep and play outside and go to the pool and go to the beach and go to the zoo."

(Whispers to me,"I'm just playing a joke on Daddy.")

All Sean heard was "zoo" and "birthday." He's decided that it is HIS birthday and we are going to the zoo. Sigh.

Last night Daddy and Sean went to a lacrosse game at Daddy's school while Caitlin and I bought birthday balloons.

We hid the balloons and some posters I made for him in our bedroom. Caitlin was SO excited about Daddy's birthday that she tried every hour last night to turn on the light and get out the goodies.

Someone forgot to tell her that what Daddy really wanted was sleep!

Happy Birthday, babe!

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