Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Big Game

The Irishman and I do not typically watch TV when the kids are home. We have tried, but it is not worth our efforts. We really wanted to watch the Super Bowl though, so we came up with a plan. We told the kids all about it.

We planned a special meal and we made a BIG deal about eating in front of the TV at the special little table. The catch was we had to watch the game to do it.


We started with appetizers – cheese dip and breadsticks. Then we moved onto mini burgers. The family favorite did not disappoint!


I took the kids upstairs towards the end of the first quarter for bath time. We put on PJs and went back downstairs to watch the game.

A lot of people criticized the half time show. I looked over half way through and noticed that both of our darlings were sound asleep.


Any show with that result is a winner in my book!

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Michelle said...

Sorry, I'm getting caught up. You came up with some great ideas to get the kiddos involved and watching tv. Did you actually get to watch most of it?