Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun at the Fair

Last month we took advantage of a nice day and headed to the fair. Caitlin had a vague recollection of the year before – she knew it was about animals. It won’t be much longer before the fair is all about rides and food and prizes. For now though, we admired animals from elephants to hatching chicks!


We did the usual exhibits. This year we also found the corn to play in.


The big hit was the petting area. We bought two cups of carrots and the kids went to town feeding any creature who would take it from them!


Sean was so tickled by the whole thing. He would shriek and flap his arms in delight. The animals were less than thrilled by his reaction, but they were good sports!


This little goat was standing on another so he could reach the goodies. He and Caitlin got along quite well!


The Irishman and I bought corn to share, but it was taken from us by our pint-sized companions. We ended up buying them one each!


It was a lovely day out. Caitlin is already asking to go back next year!

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